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Site has Moved!

Lightrox, Jun 6, 13 10:32 AM.
Hopefully you will join us at our new website. This provider wasn't working out for us, and in an effort to improve quality of life and allow us to bring better functionality to our members, we moved the website.  Please connect with us there!

New Raid Planned / 25m Suspended ***PLEASE READ***

Lightrox, May 21, 13 11:21 AM.
I know this is a long post, but please read fully!

I'll open by saying we're going to attempt to start a 2nd raid team!  We simply have more quality, awesome raiders than we have space for!  The raid team will run concurrent to our Core 10m.  This will allow people who maybe aren't geared or aren't comp appropriate at the moment for our Core to get into Throne of Thunder and continue earning gear!

I'm also looking for a new Raid Leader!  Those interested, make sure you mail me via the website or ingame!  Now...

Whats going on...

Effective immediately we will be suspending 25m Raiding in favor of 10m raiding.  There has simply been too much resistance to the expansion and not enough interest from people who are currently geared and ready to progress deep into Throne of Thunder.

Why was this a big deal?

 I think most of you know how I feel, but I wanted to briefly explain why I pushed so hard to expand to 25m.  In my mind it allowed us to 
  • Recruit and monitor people at an earlier gear level than 10m allows
  • Allowed many more people to raid, thus retaining quality people longer
  • Less restrictive on comp and token makeup
  • Provided redundency for Core 10m
  • Monitoring of the best progressing players side by side
  • Gives us more people who can fill in in a pinch
  • Allows more rotation for the "extra" players on our roster opportunity to raid fillins
  • etc etc
I never questioned that the growth would take some time, but there is a "growing up" period for 25m.  The argument I got most often against 25m was "we don't have enough geared people."  Never will you find 8-12 geared, progression level raiders who are willing to sit on the sidelines not raiding while you recruit enough to fully fill out a 20-25m raid.  Early in that expansion you're going to be PUGing, you're going to be recruiting those that run with you.  No different than what we did for 10m.  That said, too many people don't want to deal with downing only a few bosses or put progression on hold while we build that raid up.

What happens now?

There is no question in my mind that we will lose people because of the lack of 25m, but we will continue to recruit quality people and improve the raid through both gearing and recruitment.  Additionally you're going to see tweaks to the raid comp as we recruit them.  I have no intentions of replacing someone just because they have a higher ilvl / dps / hps.  At some point however, we are fools to not take in those people who are willing to be here, regardless of whether they raid, or if they put the guild ahead of their own gearing.  All of our raiders are wonderful people, they are my friends, and they are my team.  I struggle everyday to balance out whats best for guild progression and whats best for my friendships and those who have been with us a long time.

Moving forward I am currently looking for a member who would be interested in Raid Leading a second SIMULTANEOUS 10m raid group.  This, just like 25m, would be a means for us to gear up people and monitor their progress within the guild.  Early on, it will consist of guildies & PUGs until we recruit more people.  This will require leadership skills as well as some recruiting skills and planning with the rest of the officers.  It also means I'm looking for a Raid Leader who is willing to help build that team, realizing the challenges that come with starting a raid team, but can overcome that resistance.  The 2nd group raid will commence as soon as I find someone willing to Raid Lead it, as our current officer Core are tied up with the main raid.  Together we'll continue recruiting for a 2nd raid group.  The raid would allow us to retain those people that we cannot place into our current Core run.  The best performers in that group may be asked to step up to the Core run when there is an open slot.

The reason for running the group simultaneously, running a group any other time, means expending energy and recruiting for those who cannot step into a Core Raid slot.  We want to gear people but it is with the intention of improving the guild raiding progression.  The only options were simultaneous raiding and 25m, and at this time, dual raids seem to be the answer for now.  Should the second group improve to a comprable level, then we will readdress the 25m option.

I realize this is a long message, but I wanted there to be no question left unanswered, no one feeling like their time was wasted.  Thank you guys again for your amazing interest.  The guild has continued to expand greatly and while growing pains suck, its a good problem to have!


Patch 5.3 May 21st

Lightrox, May 19, 13 2:43 PM.
5.3 Patch Incoming!

Blizzard has confirmed that the 5.3 patch will drop on May 21st.  Make sure your downloader is up to date, check your addons, and be ready for all the incoming changes.  Here's the short list:

  • Experience required to level from 85-90 will be reduced by 33%.
  • Item Upgrades are returning, but the costs are greatly reduced and you can't upgrade Season 13 PvP gear.
  • The cost of heirlooms is reduced by 60%.
  • Lesser Charms of Good Fortune will now drop from some rare mobs.
  • PvP gear is getting some huge changes--resilience is being removed and all characters get 65% base resilience instead.
For those of you looking for a bit more info, check out Blizzards full notes here:

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